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Item Description
1601.2 Boxes of what appear to be mostly baseball Topps trading cards; all cards appear sealed
1602.1988 Score baseball cards; sealed, Dunruss baseball puzzle and cards; sealed; buyer confirm year and 1 other box of assorted baseball trading cards
1603.5 Ceramic teapots
1604.Flood Emergency manual from 1956, Mazda repair manual; 1990-2000, Stockton, MN flour bag, nylon sack material and more
1605.Various teapots and a Bud Light glass
1606.Mobil Oil 1929 airplane replica toy
1607.Box of various toy farm machinery; trucks; tractors; a motorcycle; train car and more
1608.Box of assorted toy farm machinery; tractors; trucks
1609.Box of assorted toy farm machinery
1610.Box of Topps baseball trading cards and some Sports Illustrated and other sports magazines
1611.Pair of tire chains (16x4.8), tubes of sealant, cement trowels, bolts, large wooden spoon & fork, clipboard and more
1612.Pair of cast iron skillets; 1 is Avid Outdoor
1613.2 Large kitchen knives and a large aluminum flask
1614.Wagner cast iron waffle iron, hunting knife with sheath, cutlery pieces and a pipe wrench
1615.Toy Steam engine, motorcycle and train car
1616.Sony 5 CD changer with remote
1617.3 Beam car decanters; 2 appear sealed; buyer confirm
1618.Brass bells, chimes, key chains and a key holder
1619.Flat shiny rocks/agates; buyer confirm
1620.Boxes of assorted sports trading cards; many are baseball, some football and hockey
1621.3 Boxes of trading cards; most appear to be baseball
1622.Bean pot and Frankoma covered dish, measuring cups and Pampered Chef measuring cup
1623.Box of sports trading cards; most appear to be baseball; 64 Rookie cards per seller
1624.Electric skillet, enamel broiler pan, 2 muffin tins, fry pan and kettle for double boiler
1625.Carbon monoxide detector, Hardware Hank bank truck, folding utility tool, Coca-Cola insulated mug, LED flashlight and more
1626.4 Socket set toolboxes; 3 are empty; 1 with various sockets and wrench
1627.Coffee carafe, silver plated flutes and candleholder
1628.Instruction for an International D-2 and a Ford tractor instruction book (some damage)
1629.6 Land-O Lakes collector spoons with rack
1630.5 Gallon stoneware jug; some chips
1631.Heavy duty antenna tripod and some type of a collapsible pedestal
1632.Western Stoneware 5 gallon jug; some chips
1633.Manual check writer; works per seller
1634.Assorted drywall trowels, cement trowels and painting supplies
1635.Mr. Heater double LP heater; appears never used
1636.Picnic basket
1637.Large box of assorted jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more
1638.Cuff links, watches, bracelets
1639.2 Gallon (?) stoneware jug
1640.Appears to be manly beaded necklaces
1641.Assorted quart canning jars in a carry basket, vases, figurines and stoneware bottle
1642.Box with 4 small replica toy cars, toy car bank, knife sharpening tool, toy hay wagon, some antique wooden rulers and more
1643.Knife made in Germany; approx. 6" blade and some advertising matchbooks, playing cards, some type of magnifying scope, wind-up toy, aluminum Kodak film container and more
1644.Per seller: 65 piece Montgomery Wards dinnerware set
1645.Some 1989 Upper Deck cards; sealed, box of Pinnacle baseball trading cards and a compass and map video
1646.Box of assorted baseball trading cards
1647.6 Glass bowls and 1 pedestal dish
1648.Box of assorted trading cards; most appear to be baseball; many appear sealed
1649.Antique saw sharpeners, antique saw set and a sharpening stone
1650.Brackets for shelving
1651.Box of collectible pencil sharpeners
1652.Grease gun, awning tie-down, popcorn popper and a file organizer tray
1653.Coca-Cola truck and 2 toy tractors
1654.Small enamelware canner, kettle with cover, fry pan and a cheese grater
1655.Eagle Magna II fish finder in a wooden case; not tested
1656.Enamelware covered pot and enamelware coffee pot
1657.Sports trading cards; most appear to be baseball; some from 1989, 2018, 2019 and others
1658.Digital scale and electric knife
1659.Eagle statue; approx. 18" tall
1660.Artificial fruit in a handled basket and pair of lighted wreathes
1661.Machinist tool box, dial indicator tools, adjustable square, folding knife, allen wrenches
1662.Appears to be a 1946 Monopoly board game and a pinball gumball machine in original box
1663.Old 7-Up bottles, advertising key chains, bottle openers, some type of game call, small pair of binoculars and more
1664.Atari control piece, 3 cast iron plates, small plate easel and a shoe shine brush
1665.3 Hard cover Bibles
1666.2 Trinket boxes, candle holders, paper weight, small bottles, small Resealing container and more
1667.USA vase, other vases and bowls
1668.Decorative collector plates; some with stands; some are from Germany and a decorative bowl (bowl is damaged)
1669.Radio Shack metal detector; works per seller
1670.Glass baskets, pedestal dish, stemware, covered dish and more
1671.3 Cream and sugar sets
1672.Per seller: 42 piece dinnerware set
1673.Painted Budweiser steins, antique bottles, beer glass, old tobacco tin and a skull ashtray
1674.Per seller: 64 piece dinnerware set
1675.Brass sombrero, Hubbard's feed sack, wood boot, Watkins bottle, flashlight, gas cap and more
1676.Beam decanter
1677.Antique collector cans, glass bottom mug and a decanter
1678.Handy Andy tool set in a metal toolbox, socket set and drill bit set
1679.Soldering gun; not tested, rotary tool; not tested and a drill bit set
1680.Belt buckles, bottle openers, advertising items; including: screwdrivers and keychains
1681.Box of wood screws, large hinges, miter box and saw, hand saw and shelf brackets
1682.Caterpillar 631 tractor manual and service manuals for small engines
1683.Ball bearing repair tool/jack; not tested and small antique floor vent
1684.Antique wood crate, paper towel dispenser, Pepsi Cola wall clock, small speaker, walking cane, Gun Trader Guide book and more
1685.Saw, 12 volt rotary tool, couple screwdrivers, garden hose nozzle, some type of old light in army green canvas case and a field cleaning kit
1686.Battery operated View Master, Diet Pepsi musical can, thermos', large cutting board and antique framed picture
1687.Electrolux floor scrubber with a partial bottle of shampoo
1688.2 Office chairs
1689.Pyrex saucepan and a milk glass bowl
1690.Bavarian cream & sugar and flowered bowl
1691.Assorted flatware, 2 souvenir goblets, silver plated tray and an International Silver Co. spoon
1692.Collectible advertising plates, salt & pepper, cream & sugar
1693.Approx. 24 stemware glasses and a pitcher
1694.Red Wing bowl (chip) and collector plates, floral plate and bowl and other assorted glassware
1695.Glass canister, glass canister (no cover) and a heart shaped wood piece
1696.Per seller: 60 dinnerware set; brand name is Everyday Gibson
1697.Lefse rolling pin, another rolling pin and a strainer in a wicker basket
1698.Krumkake Baker and a multi-slicer
1699.Pie tins, muffin tins, Bundt cake pan other bakeware
1700.Super Stone baking sheet and cake pan, 3 small hens in a nest and a wood figurine
1701.2 Large glass serving platters, Fostoria (?) bowl and a divided plate
1702.Napkin holder, pewter (?) bottle opener and cork remover, antique iron and decorative plate from Mexico
1703.Vase, creamer, glass trinket box, ceramic and glass baskets, 3 bells and small decorative coffee cup
1704.Antique Aladdin oil lamp with extra burner, 2 oil lamp chimneys and a glass bowl
1705.Pair of trivets and assorted figurines
1706.6 Pieces of stemware
1707.Appears to be a crystal vase, heart shaped dish, bottles, Pyrex covered dish, small oil lamp, banana holder and more
1708.Biscuit jar; Anchor Hocking; approx. 12" tall
1709.Various depression glass pieces; salt & pepper and a small bottle
1710.Ditmar Urbach canister set from Czech; approx. 15 piece set and salt & pepper shakers
1711.Various decorative plates and bowls
1712.Clear glass bowls, pitcher and a candleholder
1713.Vases, decanter and 4 stemware
1714.Ruby flash glassware pieces
1715.Cast iron dutch oven with lid
1716.Appears to be Lyman reloader; buyer confirm completeness
1717.2 Partial containers of empty brass and a box of assorted reamer bits
1718.Approx. 11 small die cast toy vehicles
1719.Shop light
1720.Large box of sports trading cards: most appear to be baseball, some basketball
1721.Trunk; approx. 30" W x 13" H x 16" D
1722.Full face helmet, 2 other helmets; buyer confirm sizes, skate board and 2 picnic tablecloths in a tote (no lid)
1723.Jewelry display stand and various purses and handbags in tote
1724.Bucket of many antlers
1725.7-Up aluminum cooler; approx. 30" L x 16" H x 13" D
1726.Assorted ice fishing poles, fishing net, tackle boxes and assorted tackle
1727.Large Plano tackle box
1728.Antique wood toy piano; will need some repair
1729.Rosemaling wooden butter churn
1730.2004 National Wild Turkey Federation medallion collection; appears 1976-2004
1731.Per seller: approx. 7000 trading cards; appears most are baseball
1732.Stihl 031AV chainsaw; works per seller
1733.Antique metal tackle box
1734.Remington 16" electric chain saw; works per seller
1735.Various deer antlers
1736.Various deer antlers
1737.Antique 4-H sign, sad iron, claw hammer, sanding block, antique casters, some type of motorcycle battery and more
1738.Various deer antlers
1739.2 Sets of deer antlers
1740.Stihl 044 chain saw; works per seller
1741.Budweiser aluminum cooler; approx. 22" L x 15" H x 13" D
1742.Pair of 2 man saws; 1 has handles; 1 without and a pick ax
1743.Multi-drawer Plano tackle box and 1 small metal tackle box
1744.Pair of Plano tackle boxes with some tackle
1745.Tote with assorted ladies purses and hand bags
1746.Wooden sign, fishing and hunting picture frame, metal coffee cup, Eagle figurine, black powder revolver themed 3-D box, mouse pad, baseball paper weight and more
1747.Partial gun cleaning kit, sights for a bow, belt buckles, bottle opener, cork screw, slide ruler, cases for glasses, arrow rests and more
1748.Pole line inspection book, Camo flashlight, tape measure, drill bits, copper fittings, screwdrivers and more
1749.Bait ladle, flashlights, small block plane, fishing scale and more
1750.Box of assorted fishing tackle
1751.Bottle openers with Beer advertising, game calls and fish scalers
1752.Fishing line, sinkers, hooks and other fishing tackle
1753.2 Plastic organizers with fishing tackle
1754.Sinkers, lures, spoons, hooks and other fishing tackle
1755.Fishing jigs and hooks, scale, pocket tackle box and other assorted fishing tackle and a Sports Illustrated trivia game
1756.Assorted fishing reels and reel parts and a portable fish scale
1757.Crimper, pipe wrench, hatchet, wisk broom, screw removal tool, hammer handles and a sharpening stone
1758.Crow bar, trouble light, brushes, garage door cable, cupboard door hinges and shelving brackets
1759.Screwdrivers, cylinder hone, circular saw blades, tape measures and more
1760.Pair of soft balls, sockets, clamp, water ski tow rope, flashlight, cutting set, light switch kit, antique shears and more
1761.Boat anchor, 2 horseshoes and a claw hammer
1762.5 Fishing rods
1763.Approx. 7 fishing rods
1764.Shakespeare Ugly stick with a Penn 330 GT2 reel
1765.4 Fishing rods; 1 with a reel
1766.Antique metal tractor seat; Summit Lubricating Oils
1767.Metal Coca-Cola tractor seat
1768.Mr. Heater LP heater with a 20 lb cylinder; cylinder is empty
1769.Victor manual cash register
1770.Kirby vacuum cleaner with attachments; works per seller
1771.Metal child's rocking chair and a doll bassinet on a wheeled cart
1772.1 Box of 1990 and 3 boxes of 1993 baseball trading cards
1773.Agfa camera with tri-pod and leather cases
1774.Toy cannon (some damage), 2 pipes, folding measure, bottle openers and letter openers
1775.Baseball, football and hockey trading cards
1776.Box of 1992 baseball trading cards, 1987 Wheaties box and puzzle trading cards
1777.Box of 1994 baseball trading cards, Pinnacle trading cards, other assorted trading cards, Mac Gregor baseball, small bobble heads and more
1778.Fillet knife, assorted pocket knives, utility knife and some other kitchen knives
1779.Folding knives and pocket knives
1780.Fishing tackle, game calls
1781.Ice fishing tip-ups, Daisy scope, fishing tackle and Gander Mountain disposable camera
1782.Arrow head, Federal 12 ga 6 shot: some corrosion, partial set of Ginsu knives and more
1783.Some type of safety harness and a few pieces of fishing tackle
1784.Appears be HO train track and some train accessories for a train set
1785.HO train cars and a crane
1786.HO train track pieces and railroad bridges
1787.Assorted HO train cars
1788.Kansas City Royals yearbook, Hot Rod magazine and other baseball collector books
1789.Olympus digital camera; buyer confirm completeness, John Wayne DVD collection, stud finder and some coasters
1790.Jared Allen Vikings jersey; buyer confirm size
1791.Wooden rocking chair with carved design on back
1792.Wooden heart shaped rack
1793.Antique wooden skis; approx. 90" long
1794.Folding side table
1795.Antique weather vane on a stand; approx. 51" high
1796.Size large rain jacket with hood, canvas bag and some type of Star Wars electronic game
1797.Calendars from 1956, 1954, 1939 and 1943; buyer confirm completeness
1798.Unframed Winona area drawings; appear signed by Jim Heinlem
1799.2 Cigar boxes, aluminum Winchester flashlight and a compass
1800.Appears to be an autographed Chuck Foreman photo, Farmer's Yearbook, Stockton Coop Creamery annual report, older newspaper clippings and older books and publications
1801.Book of Presidents, 2 Bicentennial calendars
1802.Figurines, bells, creamer, faux fruit, candle holder, small vase, 2 small bowls and more
1803.Comic books (Donald Duck, Jack and Jill, Dennis the Menace) and some publications from the 1950's
1804.Minnesota Twins autographed baseball, Minnesota Viking trivia book, Twins cup and mug, 1991 Twins Wheaties box and a wall hanging: Great Moments In World Series History
1805.3 Ken Griffey Jr. cards
1806.Assorted hard cover glassware and china price guide books
1807.Roll-Around stool with pneumatic seat
1808.Gold foil in a bottle and jewelry pieces; maybe some gold or silver and gems; buyer confirm
1809.Butter press, picture frame, coin purse, display mirror, small parasol and dresser dish
1810.Coin bank, planter, decorative fruit plates, small teapot, flower frog, glass dish, egg cup and more
1811.Bookends, sea shell and antique tins
1812.Jell-O molds, aluminum tray, Glasbake bread pan, vase, cooking utensils, coffee mugs, flatware, wall plaque and a typewriting book
1813.Pair of patio foot rest with cushions
1814.Antique garden gate; approx. 34" W x 43" H
1815.Vanity table; approx. 28" W x 30" H x 16" D
1816.Pair of horses with a wooden wagon replica
1817.Stihl weed trimmer; works per seller
1818.3 Outdoor light fixtures
1819.John Deere flag, 1 other flag and a bamboo fishing pole
1820.Pair of walkers
1821.Walker with seat and hand brakes
1822.Royal Minky fur coat, 2 other coats and 2 hats; buyer confirm authenticity and sizes
1823.Framed and matted floral print and framed colored glass
1824.Framed and matted print; approx. 25"x32" and decorative mirror
1825.2 Small framed prints, wall hanging and a framed glass piece
1826.Framed and matted floral print; approx. 36"x45"
1827.Decorative wall hanging; approx. 42"x42"
1828.3 Painted cabinet doors
1829.2 Framed and matted floral prints
1830.2 Cupboard doors with glass fronts; each approx. 22"x39"
1831.2 Doored cabinet; approx. 56" L x 26" H x 20" D
1832.Wooden shelving unit; approx. 46" W x 37" H x 10" D
1833.TV stand with glass shelving, glass shelving is inside protective cardboard in the photo
1834.Animated rowdy Santa; approx. 14" tall; works per seller
1835.Curio cabinet with 5 glass adjustable shelves with mirrored back, lighted; comes with lock and key; approx. 36" W x 73" H x 12" D
1836.6 Space gun cabinet with lock and key and lower drawer storage; approx. 24" W x 63" H x 10" D
1837.DeWalt DG7000E portable generator; works per seller
1838.Large tall jar w/glass lid; approx. 16" high; glass vase 18", one other decorative ceramic piece
1839.Large decorative vase 24" high
1840.3 wooden candle holders w/candles
1841.2 lamps & candle light
1842.Clay King target thrower
1843.2 boxes of assorted Christmas decorations
1844.Wagner paint sprayer not tested
1845.Lamp fixture, pair of french floral plates, small bird planter, bird & angel figurine
1846.Ethan Allen figurine damaged, religious figurine, seashell & more
1847.Pair of candle holders made in Italy-some chips.
1848.Santa Claus figurine, holiday cutting board & other holiday items of assorted candles
1850.Decorative Winter theme lamp; glass angel figurine; bird paper weights; candles, lady figurine & more
1851.Bowling ball in a carry case
1852.corner shelf; trivet; picture frame; spelling book from 1940's
1853.4 pair of lady's shoes buyer to confirm sizes
1854.5 pair of lady's shoes buyer to confirm sizes
1855.4 pair of lady's shoes buyer to confirm sizes
1856.7 pair of lady's shoes buyer to confirm sizes
1857.6 pair of lady's shoes buyer confirm sizes
1858.4 pair of lady's shoes buyer to confirm sizes
1859.Ceramic Nativity Scene
1860.Ceramic fish & decorative fishing plate, clock, candles, vase
1861.Assorted candles, pair of battery operated candle lights
1862.Pair of ceramic canisters w/covers
1863.Assorted small vases, ceramic basket, angel music box & more
1864.approx 5 serving platters
1865.Decorative teapot and water pitcher
1866.Clay pitcher, Pier 1 hand painted pitcher, 2 ceramic canisters
1867.Bed side lamp, picture frames, set of 2 curtain holdbacks, religious item
1868.Faux fruit, pair of ceramic spatulas
1869.Arthur Wood England tea pot & ceramic vase
1870.Trinket box, picture frame, ceramic flower bouquet, metal flowers
1871.Child's shoes
1872.2 planters, one appears chipped, brass? Vase, ash tray
1873.Type of rocks/gems, plant with artificial flowers, musical figurine
1874.Sea Shell lamp, art piece
1875.2 decorative candleholders, 3 legged ceramic piece
1876.Ceramic lady figurines
1877.Colonial Clock Co clock; 2 vases & a doily
1878.Ceramic horse figurines, ceramic dog figurines, covered dish & more
1879.Ceramic figurines, small ceramic vase, 1 figurine is a Lefton
1880.Coleman gas lantern, appears never used
1881.Appears to be a clay bowl, handcrafted stand
1882.Assorted ceramic figurines
1883.Dolls, toy Jeep, tractor, Hot Wheel and other toys
1884.Various ceramic figurines
1885.Toy cars
1886.Fall decorations
1887.Toy plastic cars, Creative Whack Pack card game, child's learning DVD, Santa Claus plate
1888.Fall decorations including pumpkins, Acorn, Apple salt & pepper, scarecrow & more
1889.Hand painted mobiles by "IRMI"
1890.Toy furniture pieces, rubber firetruck, Radio Flyer wagon keychain, Halloween Doll, toy cake pans & iron, doll
1891.Pasta machine, Easy Share photo printer-buyer confirm completeness
1892.Doll shoes, doll hutch & kettle, Little Red Riding Hood porcelain doll, doll clothes & more
1893.Mirrored shelf for doll toys, approx. 14" high
1894.2 wall racks, decorative bird house, "May Peace be With You" plate, 2 covered canisters, 14" high statue, ceramic shoe
1895.3 small table lamps
1896.Serving platter from England, hand painted Red Wing plate, fruit bowl, serving tray, bust
1897.Battery operated football clock, bottle w/stopper, marbles, small statue 6" high & more
1898.2 vase wall hangings & more
1899.Candleholders, candles, sign, wall hanging, 3 ceramic planters, Con Air lady's shaver, 3 legged stand
1900.Candles, wall hanging candle holder, bird figurines, clay vase, Wooden shoe
1901.2 Eagle wall hangings, one hook coat rack, small 3 legged metal stand & some wall hangings.
1902.magnetic toys, candle holders, vase
1903.Bird figurines, angel figurine, ceramic floral bouquet, bell
1904.Coleman gas lantern in a wood box w/funnel
1905.Decorative pine cones, ceramic statues w/some damage, "Joy", "Live" signs, artificial flowers, trivet
1906.Believe & Family signs, candleholders, battery operated candles, candles, small shelf
1907.Cookie cutters
1908.Cast Iron pieces, Easel for plate or photo, small framed wall hangings, inspirational plaque & more
1909.Betty Jane doll in a box, Midnight Gala Barbie doll in box
1910.Appears to be a doll from Holland approx. 34" tall, w/stand
1911.Price guide books for dolls, American Pottery & music book
1912.Box of assorted dolls
1913.Doll clothes, furniture & dolls & doll parts
1914.Appears to be a kit for jewelry making, buyer confirm completeness
1915.Assorted men's & women's hats & hat box.
1916.John Wayne DVD's-sealed; history book, drum, music CD's, picture frames & more
1917.Magic markers, colored chalk, ruler, craft items, 2 children's books
1918.2 Grease guns, 14 oz. propane bottle and a milk crate
1919.Baseball shoes size 12, golf shoes (buyer confirm size - appear never worn)
1920.Mannequin parts
1921.7 Pair of shoes, most are lady's, buyer confirm sizes
1922.C clamps, flashlight, drill bit set, 4 drawer organizer
1923.2 Plastic organizers,
1924.Bit set, low voltage transformer, drawer handles, bolts, washers and more
1925.8 Pair of mostly women's shoes
1926.Toy tractor, planter, truck (Tonka) and plow
1927.14 Pair of women's shoes, buyer confirm sizes
1928.26 pair of kid's shoes, buyer confirm sizes
1929.12 purses
1930.Electric fencer
1931.Assorted dolls in a tote, buyer confirm quantity
1932.Assorted dolls and other children's toys in a tote
1933.Fall dcor
1934.2 Toy cars and a toy trailer
1935.Tote with 3 dolls, doll clothes and parts
1936.Enamelware covered pot, strap on roller skates and a thermostat
1937.Assorted ice fishing poles, ice auger and a "T" square
1938.Color crayons, pencils, toy binoculars, coin purses, wallets and more
1939.9 Pair of mostly women's shoes
1940.11 Pair of lady's shoes, buyer confirm sizes
1941.5 Pair of lady's shoes/boots, buyer confirm sizes
1942.5 Pair of lady's boots, buyer confirm sizes
1943.2 Pair of lady's boots, buyer confirm sizes
1944.2 Wall hanging shelves
1945.11 Pair of women's shoes, buyer confirm sizes
1946.11 Pair of ladies shoes/boots, buyer confirm sizes
1947.4 Pair of lady's shoes/boots, buyer confirm sizes
1948.Hamburger press, spigot, candle holder and 2 mugs
1949.Wall hangings, antique hand mirror, roll of wallpaper border, light switch cover and word dcor
1950.G-10 Hunting blind
1951.Westmoreland compote, sea shell, wooden trinket box, framed verse and Christmas ornaments
1952.Sugar server, candles, antique framed prints, trinket boxes and a serving spoon
1953.Electrostorm Ball, wall pockets, wall hanging, canister and 2 sets of electric curlers
1954.Frankoma pieces
1955.Small decorative plates, cup & saucers, small pitchers, teapot and vase, candleholder, figurine and a picture frame
1956.Creamer, decorative eggs, trinket box and other knick knacks
1957.Picture frames, glass vase, wall lamp, skewers, cookie cutter and a game piece
1958.Stained glass turtle lamp, planter and a Metlox dish
1959.Horse shoes, antique buckles and small shelf brackets
1960.Assorted beads, jewelry pieces, travel case, leaf shaped dish, napkin rings and more
1961.A variety of price guide books
1962.Battery operated clocks, picture frame, candleholder, stamp roller, lipstick mold and a Braun hand mixer
1963.Bracelet, books, small organizer, glass gems
1964.Candle making items, small canisters and pedestals and mini candleholders with candles
1965.Canister set, crumb catcher, brass hanger, wall hangings and a angel pin
1966.Green depression glass stemware, bell, figurines and more
1967.Vases, music box, gravy boat, figurines and more
1968.Leaf shaped pottery bowl, glass bowls, and Minolta camera with case
1969.Leaf dish, ceramic basket, tin, measuring cup and oil server
1970.Tea bag holders, music box base, pottery bowl, paper weight, brass (?) bowl and a camera
1971.Small oil lamp, candleholder, small decorative shoes, glass owl bell and more
1972.Word dcor, Cynoculars, music box, wooden scoop, mug, large stemware glass and flying lure
1973.Cream & sugar, wall plaques, kitchen shears, buttons, small vase and more
1974.Canisters, tins, picture frame, wall plaque and hair straightener
1975.Blue canning jar, vase, wall hook, box made in Germany, Jack Straw game and more
1976.Holly Hobbie dolls, candle holders (1 is broken) and Christmas ice sickle ornaments
1977.Lion made in Mexico; approx. 15" long
1978.Josef figurines, Willow Tree figurine, coaster set and cup & saucer
1979.3 Metal gasoline cans; larger one has some contents
1980.Coffee pot, 2 oil lamp bases, decorative bottle and Salt and pepper set
1981.Oster bread maker; works per seller
1982.Assorted price guide books
1983.Vintage electric waffle iron; works per seller
1984.Rival Crock Pot; works per seller
1985.Gabriel Show n' Tell; works per seller
1986.George Foreman grill; works per seller
1987.Lighted Church
1988.Ear tag punch, tags, castrator and tattoo marker
1989.Glass door knob, door plates, drawer pull plates and more
1990.Jack stands and a tire iron
1991.Fishing themed decorative items
1992.Pellet injector, electric fencer, Sunbeam Clip Master and more
1993.Light stand (top lights for displaying items); approx. 36" tall and faux flowers
1994.2 Floor lamps; 1 is antique
1995.1/3 HP sump pump with hose
1996.Home Touch steamer; works per seller
1997.Home Medics foot massager, partial set of Tinker Toys in a wooden crate
1998.8 Glass insulators
1999.Wooden file box, large sea shell, candleholders, chrome piece and staplers
2000.Plastic corn planter plates
2001.Wooden pulley and plastic corn planter plates
2002.Wagner Power Roller Plus
2003.Wide assortment of advertising pieces: Pioneer Seed, Farm Bureau and others
2004.Larnaro Toys boats, corn holders, 100 Watt light bulbs, bottle opener and more
2005.Farm toy parts, musical train car, assorted items with advertising and bag clips
2006.Large Mikasa serving platter
2007.1967 Baseball Guide, National Geographic (1971), Christmas Sing Along and more
2008.Johnson Service Manual, puzzle, dominos, poker chips, grill pan and more
2009.Sony Picture Station with supplies
2010.Many advertising pieces
2011.Cooler that plugs into 110 volt; works per seller
2012.Euro antler mount
2013.Cast iron warming tray, coffee pot and metal wagon planter
2014.Thermos', candle holder and a curtain panel; buyer confirm size
2015.Super Bowl book, Life Smiles Back, Events That Shaped The Century, Fresh Water Fishing and more
2016.Painted wooden bucket with faux fruit
2017.Wall hangings, picture frames and more
2018.Recipe box, dog figurine, cup and saucer, wall plaque
2019.Tonka camper and Jeep with blade
2020.Hammer, combination cable lock, grass clippers, chalk and more
2021.3 Electric lamps, holiday cards and a glass ball
2022.Pottery covered dish, pedestals, snowman ornament, figurines and decorative plates
2023.Metal vase, timer, angel necklace, pie plate, serving plate and ceramic bird
2024.Wooden painted trunk; approx. 37"x18"x16"
2025.Sony CFD-ZW155 CD-radio-Cassette-corder; works per seller
2026.Emerson portable stereo and General Electric radio/cassette in a tote (no lid)
2027.Galvanized pail, clip board, stoneware juicer, lamps, ricer and more
2028.Large assortment of Christmas dcor, lights, baskets, glass table top and more
2029.Dawn Rose china (buyer confirm completeness), vases, candle holders, pitcher and more
2030.2 Plastic tables and decorative shelf brackets (plastic)
2031.Drill bits, antique files, planter and more in a wooden crate
2032.Sunheat electric heater with remote
2033.Electric water fountain
2034.Coleman Heat 'N Serve slow cooker
2035.Butcher block top table with folding legs; approx. 42" and 36" at the widest
2036.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 9
2037.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 9
2038.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 8
2039.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 6
2040.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 8
2041.Metal tool box with contents
2042.Black Smith tool, caulk gun, caulk, ladles and more in a wooden box
2043.2 Tote bags
2044.Jewelry box and lamp parts
2045.Live preservers
2046.Vases, cream and sugar, figurines, framed verse and more
2047.Lefton covered pedestal dish, lady vase, trinket boxes, vanity basket and more
2048.Salt and pepper sets, fish figurine and foot egg
2049.Basketball target game netting
2050.Metal toolbox with wrenches, oil filter wrench, screwdrivers and more
2051.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 8
2052.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 10
2053.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 6
2054.Variety of hand bags and purses; qty 8
2055.Record albums in a bamboo rack; buyer to confirm contents of all sleeves
2056.Snow pants; size L, pair of boots; size 9, XL t-shirt, hats and a hunting cushion
2057.Simplicity sewing machine
2058.Coleman beverage cooler
2059.Coleman beverage cooler and jug
2060.Big Red 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack; no handle
2061.Pair of jack stands
2062.Coleman lantern with storage case
2063.Kenwood electric heater; works per seller
2064.Golden Prestige cutlery set
2065.Torch head, exacto blades, pottery tool, small sanding block, flag holder , screwdrivers and more
2066.Oil can spouts, metal pulleys, metal casters, clevis, telephone wire and more
2067.Torin 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack; no handle
2068.Storage container with lid full of Legos
2069.North Star receiver for a hitch
2070.Assorted flatware; some may be antique
2071.RCA 7" Dual screen mobile DVD system
2072.Customcraft gold tone flatware
2073.Mostly hunting, fishing and gun related books and magazines
2074.2 Stained glass pieces and items for making stained glass pieces
2075.2 Apex DVD players
2076.Plano tackle box
2077.Snow Babies months of the year with birthstones
2078.4 Collectible plastic plates with frames
2079.Lodge cast iron oval skillet with holder and a nut dispenser
2080.Cookie canister, coffee mugs, green glass canister, 6 1/2" cast iron skillet and cookbooks
2081.Panasonic radio
2082.Hanging cherub light
2083.Hanging light
2084.2 Large ornaments; rope not included
2085.Brass chandelier
2086.Hanging light fixture
2088.3 Metal railing planters
2089.Koss digital audio system, Philips speakers and Logitech speakers in a tote with lid
2090.Gold Star dehumidifier with filter; works per seller
2091.Black & Decker food processor
2092.Yamaha receiver with surround sound speakers and a Memorex micro system with IPod, AM/FM radio and CD player in a tote with lid
2093.Glass lamp shades, wall shelf, vase, pedestal and more
2094.Peg board hooks and tool organizers, shop light, tire irons, hosing and more
2095.Inflatable raft and 4 inner tubes
2096.Box fan
2097.2 Havahart traps
2098.2 Bow saws
2099.Pail with clay (?) marbles/balls and a wood hot pad
2100.Craftsman 7 1/2" circular saw with carrying case
2101.Copper boiler (no lid, some dents) with assorted clay planter pots
2102.Extension cords and hook-up for trailer lights
2103.Mess kit, rackets, hand weight, meat grinder, trouble light and a popcorn pan for fire place
2104.Box of 45's
2105.Stage light
2106.Emerson 600 watt microwave
2107.Antique mop bucket, tin and a padded lid
2108.Traction cables
2109.Warning light, sanding discs, putty knives, and more
2110.Battery boxes, oil pan and funnel
2111.American Tourister duffle bag with casters and a Boomerang suitcase
2112.Olympia suitcase with swivel casters
2113.1 Bag of Manville R-11 insulation
2114.Galvanized wash tub
2115.Shark motorize brush with charger; works per seller
2116.Wooden twin size headboard, metal twin headboard and footboard and 1 other piece
2117.Metal legged table ring; approx. 30" diam
2118.Tree stand, plastic tubing and 2 table bases
2119.Stihl weed trimmer; FS 55R
2120.Ryobi 15" weed trimmer
2121.Computer speakers in an antique drawer with glass knobs
2122.Pair of metal saw horses
2123.20 LB LP tank
2124.20 LB LP tank
2125.Wood framed beveled mirror; approx. 41"x54"
2126.Roll of plastic sheeting; buyer confirm length
2127.Dayton industrial ligh fixture
2128.Wooden ironing board
2129.Metal framed glass top tables; each is approx. 22" x 30 1/2"; can be used together or as 2 separate tables
2130.2 Chairs with upholster seats
2131.Pair of wooden chairs
2132.Metal bar height stool
2133.Strike Master Max 2000 auger with clean out scoop
2134.Upholstered swivel office chair on casters
2135.Very large metal leaf motif wall hanging
2136.Metal storage cabinet; approx. 26" x 12" x 62"
2137.Corner cabinet; approx. 16" W x 36" T and 2 door cabinet; approx. 27"x8"x27" H
2138.Edge brand kives with sheaths; made in Germany
2139.Basketball telephone
2140.Cast iron John Deere wall mount bell
2141.John Deere cast iron emblem
2142.2 Wood carved pieces
2143.Acme cookie jar
2144.Bull Dog cast iron bank
2145.Mantle clock
2146.Curtain rods, whip, books and large mouse trap
2147.Cast iron deer wall hooks, wooden box with drill bits, frame print
2148.Cast iron frog, turtle shell and a sculpture
2149.Brass bookends, brass door knocker, splitter, antique wrench and tool box
2150.Brass bell
2151.Cast Texico wall hanging
2152.Cast iron Coca-Cola coin bank
2153.cast iron kettle and train
2154.3 Stoneware jugs
2155.A&W Bear and Donald Duck coin banks
2156.Mounted horns; approx. 39" wide
2157.Mounted horns; approx. 47" wide
2301.Two chairs & ottoman
2302.Bird bath pedestal, planter with artificial plants, lights & two large candle holders
2303.2 Planters with artificial plants & decorative items
2304.3 Planters
2305.Two statue figurines
2306.Two planters; one is cement
2307.Three planters with artificial flowers & decorative wood piece
2308.King of Texas saddle with bridal, blanket, saddle bags & cinch. This item is being displayed outdoors.
2309.Saddle, bridal, breast collar, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2310.Assorted planters with artificial flowers, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2311.2 Chair planters, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2312.Marble top pedestal with plastic planter, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2313.2 Planters with Christmas tree décor and glass vase, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2314.Four planters, one with artificial tree & gardening supplies, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2315.Stone fountain with pump & small pedestal, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2316.Trash can holder, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2317.Tote full of gourd bird houses, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2318.Two table top charcoal grills,this item is being displayed outdoors.
2319.Metal cabinet with 5 shelves approx. 64 x 26 x 12, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2320.Two antique shoe presses', this item is being displayed outdoors.
2321.9 x 16 ft. canvas canapy with metal frame, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2322.Holiday items, barrel full of assorted Christmas decorations, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2323.Two figurines, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2324.Copper wire, buyer confirm length, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2325.Pipe wrench 4 ft., this item is being displayed outdoors.
2326.Metal shelf approx. 68 high, small metal stand, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2327.Generac pressure washer 2250 PSI with 6HP Briggs & Stratton motor, not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2328.On demand water heater, not tested, 30 gallon oil barrel, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2329.Two creepers, fishing net, yolk & step stool, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2330.Black & Decker 18 inch electric mower, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2331.Two wooden step ladders & one aluminum ladder 2 are six ft. & one 5 ft., this item is being displayed outdoors.
2332.Ryobi miter saw stand, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2333.Two bamboo chairs & no cushions, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2334.Two folding lawn chairs, metal folding chair & swing chair, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2335.Heavy duty aluminum door/gate approx 67 in x 40 in, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2336.16 - 2x6's , approx. 14 to 16 feet long, this item is being displayed outside in the elements, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2337.Approx. 20- 25 assorted steel fence posts, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2338.Three small air compressors, blue & silver works & blue is not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2339.3 Bicycles, Schwinn 10 speed, Kent 10 speed & a Free Spirit, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2340.Spindle sander & battery charger not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2341.Jet dust collector system, not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2342.Wheel barrow, roof jacks, air tank, basement support post, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2343.Breaker box with breakers, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2344.Schwinn pull behind bike carrier, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2345.25 Gallon shop vac, works per seller, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2346.Work bench with a Black & Decker bench grinder & 4 inch vise, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2347.Assorted PVC pipe 3 inch, 1 1/2 inch, & 1 1/4 inch, 56 inches to 120 inches in length, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2348.Two shop lights, not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2349.Pair of car ramps, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2350.Antique milk can with lid, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2351.Power Pro 24 inch snow blower, 8 HP with electric start, works per seller, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2352.6 Bags 16 inch insulation, R11 & R19, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2353.270 Feet of oak trim, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2354.Two pair of jack stands & 3 pieces of wood shelving, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2355.3 Lightening rods, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2356.8 ft x 4 ft Cupola, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2357.8 ft x 4 ft Cupola, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2358.8 ft x 4 ft Cupola, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2359.Two place snowmobile trailer, will need some repair, no registration, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2360.Wagon 7 ft x 42 inches, needs some repair, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2361.Astro by Mercury 16 ft boat & trailer with 25 HP Mercury outboard motor, includes fish finder, fuel tank, Mercury trolling motor, power anchor & canopy, per seller everything works, title available for the boat & no registration for the trailer, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2362.Lund aluminum boat, 16 ft. 60 HP Mercury outboard motor, condition unknown, no title or registration available for boat or trailer, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2363.Coleman cooler, hand made wooden wheel barrow yard ornament, barbed wire yard art, car jacks, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2364.Galvanized trash cans, (3) 1 plastic trash can, small patio table, chimney clean out parts & more, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2365.Two antique hay forks, soaker hose, this item is being displayed outdoors. hoop & backboard with extra rim, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2367.Aluminum ladder approx 12 ft. , assorted iron & scrap metal, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2368.4 Rolls of Ice & water roofing, 3 rolls roofing felt, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2369.Large barbell set with a lot of weights, support polls for a basement & more, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2370.Water pump & meat grinder, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2371.Snapper 20 inch snow blower, Craftsman 21 inch snow blower, not tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2372.Craftsman push lawn mower & Toro push lawn mower, neither one is tested, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2373.Metal framed chair, 2 wood doors, approx 32 x 81, 5- 5 gallon plastic pails, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2374.One pair of Trump tire chains, one pair of lawn mower chains, log chain with no hooks, 4 inch pipe X 78 inches, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2375.Snow rake with approx 22 foot reach, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2376.Work bench approx 78 inches x 41 tall, 2 shelves, 2 rachet straps, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2377.Make-up dresser with mirror & stool, 4 pair of earrings, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2378.Antique pump jack, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2379.Plastic cart on wheels, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2380.3 Antique saw blades approx, 58 inches x 6 inches, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2381.Corner table with 2 chairs & bench seating with storage under the bench seating, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2382.Mercedes Rim?? 19.5 inches across (aluminum), this item is being displayed outdoors.
2383.Pair of folding lawn chairs, pair of bag chairs, wood & metal glider patio chair with ottoman, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2384.Approx. 42 - 10 ft. 2 x 8 treated tongue & groove boards, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2385.Approx. 21 assorted sizes of tires, most have rims, 4 doughnut spare tires, 3 are lawn & garden tire rims, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2386.Approx. 12 wooden posts, assorted sizes from approx 8 ft to approx 5.5, most are 8 feet, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2387.Weather vein, barn board towel racks, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2388.Patio table, approx 35 inches across with 2 umbrella bases, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2389.4 Toyota rims, size 17 x 17.5, black metallic, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2390.Appears to be 4 Oldsmobile rims with tires size P205/70R15 & a plastic waste basket, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2391.2 Adjustable microphone stands, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2392.12 Wooden shelving pieces, 6 are 2 ft. & 8 are 6 ft., this item is being displayed outdoors.
2393.Musical accessories including 5 tripods for music stands, 3 sheet music holders , microphone & speakers & curtain rods, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2394.Child's folding table with 4 folding chairs, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2395.2 Office chairs on casters, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2396.7 Metal folding chairs, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2397.7 Metal folding chairs, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2398.6 Metal folding chairs, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2399.2 Bistro tables 2 ft sq. with adjustable levelers, approx 30 inches high, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2400.2 Bistro tables, 2 ft sq. with adjustable levelers, approx 30 inches high, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2401.3 Bistro tables, 2 ft sq., with adjustable levelers, approx 30 inches high, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2402.2 Library tables approx. 6 ft x 30 inches with adjustable legs, 2 - 8 ft track lighting sections, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2403.Kitchen cupboard upper sections, 1 is 3 ft wide x 14 in. high, 2 are 3 ft wide x 30 in. high, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2404.2 Metal shelving units both are 42 wide x 29 high x 18 deep, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2405.Counter top sections, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2406.Shelving pieces, bars & brackets, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2407.3 Steel I beams 18 ft long x 8 inches, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2408.Antique wood cooking stove, brand is Gempac, with oven & warming section, bakes good per seller, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2409.Rear end car axle that is free & a car hood, buyer to confirm,this item is being displayed outdoors.
2410.Approx 33 pieces of 7/16 inch chip board 27 x 4 feet, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2411.Approx. 50 pieces of 7/16 inch chip board , 27 x 4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2412.Approx. 50 pieces of 7/16 chip board , 27 x 4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2413.Approx. 50 pieces of 7/16" chip board , 33 x 4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2414.Approx. 50 pieces of 7/16 chipboard , 33 x 4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2415.Approx. 50 pieces of 7/16 chipboard, 33 x 4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2416.Approx. 18 pine boards, 12 x16x1, sealed finish, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2417.Approx 220 feet new tan steel , most are approx 12 feet long & some valley tin, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2418.Approx. 10 oak barn beams, 4x6x10, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2419.Approx 17 oak barn beams 4x4x4, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2420.Approx 500 feet of barn boards, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2421.Approx 800 feet of barn boards, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2422.Approx 45 hand hewn barn beams, 16 foot & 18 foot lengths, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2423.Road Boss tandum axle trailer approx 20 ft x 7 ft wide, 14000 lbs trailer & needs floor & tire repair, has ramps & no title, this item is being displayed outdoors.
2424.Set of 4 tires, with 5 hole rims, size P235/75R15, 1 extra tire & rim size P235/70R15, this item is being displayed outdoors.

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